FAQ: How Do You Say Rabbit In French?

Is rabbit in French masculine or feminine?

The word for rabbit in French is lapin. Lapin is considered a masculine noun and is used when making a general reference to the animal.

What does Lapin mean?

1: rabbit specifically: a castrated male rabbit.

What’s rat in French?

rat → moucharder, cafter, dénoncer.

What is the French word for hamster?

Wiktionary: hamster → hamster, rat de blé

What is a female rabbit called?

The female rabbit is called a doe, giving birth is called kindling and baby rabbits are called kittens.

What is French for lion?

Wiktionary: lion → lion, lionne.

What is anile?

: of or resembling a doddering old woman especially: senile.

What is a Lapine animal?

Lapine is a fictional language created by author Richard Adams for his 1972 novel Watership Down, where it is spoken by rabbit characters. The name ” Lapine ” comes from the French word for rabbit, lapin, and can also be used to describe rabbit society.

Is Lapin a Scrabble word?

Yes, lapin is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the name of a female rat?

Male rats are called bucks; unmated females, does, pregnant or parent females, dams; and infants, kittens or pups. A group of rats is referred to as a mischief. The common species are opportunistic survivors and often live with and near humans; therefore, they are known as commensals.

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What does Ratatouille mean?

Ratatouille is a classic Provencal French vegetable stew recipe. The word ratatouille is derived from the Occitan term “ratatolha” and the French words “rata” meaning chunky stew and “touiller” which means to toss food or stir up.

What is Rat in Chinese?

Rat ( Chinese Zodiac, in Chinese: 大鼠) is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac. The rat is one of the symbolical animals corresponding to the first of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, and is an emblem of timidity and meanness.

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