Often asked: How To Use Rabbit Wine Opener?

How do you use the rabbit auto wine opener?

Simply press the down arrow to remove the cork and then press the up arrow to eject the cork. It’s rechargeable and a single charge opens 30+ bottles of wine.

How do you use the Rabbit 2 Step wine opener?

Complete Your Home Bar with Metrokane Just place either opener over a wine bottle and press one button to remove the cork. Another press ejects the cork. The Rabbit Electric also features an LCD screen that shows the number of cork pulls remaining, and both openers can remove 30 or more corks on a single charge.

How do you get the cork out of a rabbit electric wine opener?

BEST ANSWER: Remove the foil cutter and with a pen or toothpick press the small button found next to the charging port. Press once to stop the Corkscrew in case of accidental activation. Press twice to reverse the direction of the corkscrew to eject the cork.

What is the best quality electric wine opener?

The Best Electric Wine Openers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

  • Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener.
  • Vremi Electric Wine Opener Set.
  • Ozeri OW02A-B Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener.
  • Cuisinart CWO-25 Electric Wine Opener.
  • iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener.
  • Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener.
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How do you use a rabbit wine foil cutter?

This Foil Cutter easily removes foil from wine bottles. Place this classic foil cutter on top of the bottle, simply squeeze the sides of the foil cutter, and twist to remove the foil neatly and safely.

How do you open a wine bottle with a spoon?

Opening a bottle of wine with a spoon When you insert the end of the spoon into the cork at an angle and twist the bottle, the cork is gradually pushed out. Once you can see enough of the cork to grab hold of just pull it out and enjoy!

How do you open a bottle of wine without an opener?

7 Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew

  1. 1 – Use a Screw (the longer the better), a screwdriver, and a hammer.
  2. 2 – Push the cork in with the handle of a wooden spoon, or any blunt object similar in size.
  3. 3 – Pump it out.
  4. 4 – Twist it out with keys or a serrated knife.
  5. 5 – Wrap the bottle with a towel and use the wall to smack it out.
  6. 6 – Slap it out with a shoe.

How do you use a wine key?


  1. Open the wine key. This type of tool has a couple of parts.
  2. Twist the worm into the cork. Poke the sharp tip of the worm slightly outside the center of the cork.
  3. Place the lever against the bottle. The flat lever on the wine key will have two curved indentations on its sides.
  4. Rock and twist the cork to remove it.

How do you open a wine bottle with a lighter?

Here’s how, according to Hacker 007:

  1. First, remove the cover so you can actually see the cork in the bottle stem. (Picture: Hacker007/youtube)
  2. Next, grab your lighter and put the flame on the bottle, around the cork end.
  3. After about a minute, you should see the cork start moving.
  4. Until, finally, it pops out.
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How do I open an Oster wine opener?

3 Lift the Electric Wine Opener away from the bottle. To remove the cork simply depress the upper part of the switch. The spiral will turn in a counter- clockwise direction and release the cork.

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