Quick Answer: Where To Buy A Pet Rabbit In Nyc?

Can you have a pet rabbit in NYC?

Animals including, but not limited to, domesticated dogs and cats, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, domesticated rabbits and fowl or small birds such as parakeets, parrots, canaries and finches may be kept, possessed, harbored or sold in the City of New York provided that possession of the animal is not otherwise

Are rabbits legal in NY?

By law, wild or illegal animals cannot be sold in New York City. Effective April 1, 2016, it is illegal for pet shops in New York City to sell rabbits.

Does Petsmart sell rabbits?

Following a PETA action alert and protests targeting the company, which resulted in thousands of emails to Petsmart Corporate over the last three months, Petsmart has announced that they will no longer sell rabbits in their stores!

Where can I adopt a rabbit in NYC?

Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group is an all-volunteer organization based on Long Island, New York. Our mission is to rescue abused, neglected or abandoned rabbits; have them medically treated and spayed/neutered; and place them in loving, indoor homes.

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What exotic animals can I own in New York?

10 Exotic Pets That Are Legal to Own in New York State

  • Coatimundi. This long-nosed South American relative of the raccoon should be legal according to the New York’s wild animal ordinance.
  • Binturong. This large creature is famous for having an odor that resembles popcorn.
  • Fennec Fox.
  • Kinkajou.
  • Wallaby.
  • Hyena?
  • Exotic Squirrels.
  • Capybara.

Can you own a sloth in New York?

Many states have laws that specifically prohibit individuals from keeping certain exotic animals – including sloths – as pets in their households. New York is not one of those states. In New York, under NY AGRI & MKTS § 370, you ‘re only prohibited from owning wild animals.

Are ferrets illegal in NY 2020?

They remain legal in the rest of New York but banned in some states across the country, including California and Washington DC. The city of New York has long defined ferrets as wild animals and generally prohibited them. Related to weasels, ferrets have gained popularity as pets in recent decades.

Can you own a kangaroo in NY?

New York. New York law states you are not allowed to own any wild animal, including non-domestic felines or canines, bears, crocodiles, venomous reptiles, and primates. Animals that you can keep as pets without a permit include sugar gliders, wallabies, kangaroos, capybaras, porcupines, and most non-venomous reptiles.

Is it illegal to own a pig in NYC?

RABIES RISK “The Health Code prohibits pigs to be kept as pets in New York City. In 2013, the Board of Health reaffirmed that pigs should remain on the list of prohibited animals because, among other reasons, there is no USDA-approved rabies vaccine for pigs,” said the Health Department in a statement.

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Where should I get my bunny?

Buy your rabbit through a local animal shelter or rescue group.

  • Visit the shelter or rescue group before purchasing your rabbit.
  • Animal shelters and rescue groups often partner together to find good homes for the rabbits in their care.
  • Also consider finding a rabbit through private rabbit adoption agencies.

Do they sell rabbits at PetCo?

This week, the company finally announced that it will no longer sell rabbits in it stores. The phase-out begins immediately. By early 2009, the only rabbits at PETCO will come from animal shelters or rescue organizations. Though PETCO pledged to make some improvements, it continues to buy small animals from RWE.

Does Tractor Supply sell rabbits?

The store normally has some rabbits in stock, as well as other animals like guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and reptiles. It also offers pet supplies and food. TSC sells rabbit food and supplies but stopped selling live rabbits a few years ago, said Brandon Puttbrese, spokesman at its Nashville headquarters.

How much do rabbits cost?

Expect to pay $20-$40 for a rabbit from a pet store, and $5-$20 for a rabbit from a rescue, fair, or 4-H club. Breeders vary in what they charge for their specific breed of rabbit. Some are cheaper than pet stores while others with rare breeds will charge closer to $100 for a rabbit.

What you need to care for a rabbit?

Here is a basic overview on how to care for a pet rabbit:

  • Step 1: Set Up Safe Indoor Housing.
  • Step 2: Bunny Proof Your House.
  • Step 3: Provide Fresh Hay.
  • Step 4: Provide Fresh Greens, Fiber-rich Pellets, and Fresh Water.
  • Step 5: Set Up a Litter Box.
  • Step 6: Provide Enrichment.
  • Step 7: Groom Your Rabbit.

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