Readers ask: How Much Is A Giant Rabbit?

How long do giant Flemish rabbits live for?

Flemish Giants are still used for meat (especially in stews), but their large bone structure and expensive diet means you’re not getting much bang for your buck. Now, they’re mostly bred for show or as pets due to their docile nature and 8 to 10 year life span.

How big does a Flemish giant rabbit get?

Physical Description. There may be no more awe-inspiring rabbit in the world than the Flemish Giant. If one came hopping along, you might at first glance mistake it for a dog. These rabbits weigh 15 pounds on average and can reach a length of 2.5 feet.

Are Flemish giants rare?

The British Flemish Giant is only bred in the UK, and is not as large as the typically massive Flemish Giants found in every other country. The breed is rare today.

Are giant rabbits real?

“The giant rabbits may not always be the first rabbit someone thinks of for companion animal, but they actually have some of best temperaments and have a very docile nature.” The Flemish Giant rabbit can reach 20-30 pounds, but can be larger, according to Stewart. ” Giant rabbits are bred for size,” Stewart said.

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Can your bunny sleep with you?

Yes, your pet bunny can sleep in your bed with you. You need to ensure the room is bunny proofed. Also, you want to be sure your rabbit is trained to use a litter box to avoid accidents in the room or the bed. Baby rabbits should not sleep in your bed.

Do Flemish giant rabbits like to be held?

But they do eat a lot more food than standard-sized rabbits. Grooming – Although they are not long-haired, Flemish Giants need to be groomed weekly. Handling a Flemish Giant – Most rabbits hate being handled, but this is especially true with giants. You will need to know how to handle a giant rabbit safely.

Do Flemish giant rabbits bite?

The Flemish Giant is generally a docile breed, and these giant pet rabbits make good companions and loving family pets. However, these rabbits can grow nervous if they are handled roughly, and they can inflict serious scratch and bites if they feel the need to struggle.

Do Flemish Giants smell?

Do Flemish Giant Rabbits Smell Bad? No, rabbits do not have any odour to them. Rabbits are nature’s neat freaks, they like to keep themselves super clean. If you have a bunny at home then you will see them spend a large time everyday just grooming.

Can you potty train a Flemish giant rabbit?

Since the Flemish giant is smart, he’s easy to litter – train. Place a litter box inside your rabbit’s pen and he’ll quickly adapt. Once he’s trained, you can allow him free range of your home.

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Are Flemish Giants cuddly?

Flemish giants are called gentle giants because of their docile nature. They are one of the calmest and most friendly breeds of rabbits. They are very friendly with their owners and with other pets, making them ideal as a home pet.

Are Flemish giant rabbits smart?

Personality Flemish Giant. Each & every one of these gentle Giants has his or her own personality. They are very inquisitive, & they are quite intelligent.

Do Flemish giants get along with dogs?

Attaching a dog playpen to a dog crate gives your rabbit room to explore indoors; some owners simply dedicate an entire room out of the house to their rabbit. An outdoor Flemish Giant may do well with a dog kennel, as long as the top is enclosed to protect this giant rabbit breed from bird predators.

What is the biggest breed of rabbit in the world?

Darius is a Flemish Giant rabbit, which is the largest breed of rabbit on Earth. According to the Maryland Zoo, an average Flemish Giant can weigh about 15 pounds (7 kilograms) and measure 2.5 feet (0.76 m) long.

What is the smallest rabbit in the world?

Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits are the world’s smallest and among the rarest.

What is the largest rabbit ever recorded?

Ralph (born c. 2009) was a Continental Giant rabbit from Sussex, United Kingdom who weighed nearly 25 kilograms (55 lb). Ralph was recognised as the world’s heaviest rabbit by Guinness World Records in 2010.

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