Readers ask: What Is A Rex Rabbit?

Are rex rabbits aggressive?

For the most part, Rex rabbits are not aggressive. In fact, it is their docile manner that makes them so suitable as a family pet. You might see some aggressive tendencies when they are young and their activity level is high around 5 or 6 months, but this should be short-lived.

Do rex rabbits make good pets?

The Rex is a gentle, playful and intelligent breed of rabbits. The Rex has a relatively calm temperament and is generally good -natured. They are one of the most affectionate rabbits and enjoy company a lot. They can be very boisterous and playful and get along very well with kids and other pets.

What are rex rabbits used for?

Usually, the Rex rabbit is mainly raised as a show rabbit or as pets. Some people also raise the Rex breed for fur and meat production. American Chinchilla rabbit and the Standard Rex are two of the most popular breeds for fur production.

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How big does a Rex rabbit get?

The Rex rabbit breed that is (along with nine other rex rabbit breeds) recognized by ARBA is a medium-sized rabbit with a commercial, round body and an ideal weight range of 7.5–10.5 pounds (3.4–4.8 kg).

Do rex rabbits like to cuddle?

Rex Rabbit This friendly rabbit breed is a good choice for a family pet because they enjoy being picked up and cuddled by their human companions and will become attached to their family.

Why does my bunny spray pee on me?

Marking objects or urine spraying is a normal territorial instinct that many domestic and wild rabbits display. Unfortunately, pet rabbits that spray urine create a problem for their owners.

Do rex rabbits bite?

Do Rex Rabbits bite? In general, Rex bunnies are calm animals. When well-loved and taken care of, they shouldn’t bite hard enough to draw blood.

Are boy or girl bunnies nicer?

There is no way to know exactly what your rabbit’s personality is going to be simply because you know their gender. However, typically male rabbits will have more laid back and friendly personalities. If you are looking for a more social or attention seeking rabbit, then a male will probably be better for you.

Can I leave my rabbit alone for 2 days?

Anything longer than 24 hours is an unacceptable level of time alone for a rabbit. By the time day two rolls around, your pet will be growing anxious. She will wonder why you’ve not visited. A rabbit locked in a hutch for a weekend will also not be able to exercise.

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What foods can kill a rabbit?

So, what foods can kill a rabbit? Sugary human foods such as candy and soda are harmful to rabbits. Bunnies should not eat chocolate, avocado, apple seeds, tomato plants, almonds, belladonna, foxglove, or wild carrots. Other dangerous foods include ragwort, wild peas, and bracken.

At what age are rex rabbits fully grown?

They usually weigh between 7.5 and 10.5 lbs as adults. They usually reach their full body size between 8 and 9 months of age. Mini Rex rabbits weigh between 3 lbs and 4.5 lbs as adults. They achieve this weight at 6-7 months of age.

How can you tell a Rex rabbit?

The fur is completely different from other rabbit fur because it is so dense and it stands upright. The ideal length of the fur is just under an inch, but that’s a lot of plush to touch. This type of fur is an easy way to identify the Rex and Mini Rex breeds.

Can a bunny sleep with you?

They enjoy the soft bedding, warm, and companionship. Rabbits are delicate. Even if your rabbit is safe, she may keep you up at night by acting mischievously. If your rabbit wants to sleep with you and can do so safely, it’s fine.

Why is my Rex rabbit shedding?

If shedding happens during the spring, it’s nothing to worry about. Rabbits shed their thick winter coat as it’s no longer needed for warmth. If your rabbit molts out of season, though, something is wrong. Rabbits shed their fur when stressed, so ensure that your pet is comfortable and content.

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Can a Rex rabbit live outside?

Ideally, you should let your Rex rabbit exercise for at least 2 hours outside its cage every day. While engaging your Rex rabbit in physical activity, keep the following in mind: Never let your rabbit play outside. Letting your rabbit play outside puts it at risk of getting attacked by predators and parasites.

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