Readers ask: What Is The Rabbit Proof Fence?

What is the Rabbit Proof Fence and why was it built?

The Rabbit Proof Fence The rabbit – proof fence was built to protect Western Australian crops and pasture lands from the destructive scourge of the rabbit. Introduced to Australia in Victoria in the 1850s, the pest rapidly spread across eastern Australia.

Is the Rabbit Proof Fence still there?

Today, the Rabbit Proof fence, now called the State Barrier Fence, stands as a barrier to entry against all invasive species such as dingoes, kangaroos and emus, which damage crops, as well as wild dogs which attack livestock. But winters in Australia are mild so rabbits could breed all throughout the year.

What does the Rabbit Proof Fence symbolize?

The fence symbolises hope and the will to live, whenever we see it the hopeful music begins. The fence is an important symbol in the film. It not only highlights the split between the European and Aboriginal culture, it represents a link between mother and daughter.

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What was the rabbit proof fence made of?

At first, fence posts were made from salmon gum and gimlet, but they attracted termites (locally known as white ants) and had to be replaced. Split white gum was one of the best types of wood used in the fence.

What happened to the girls in Rabbit-Proof Fence?

Molly Kelly, the Aboriginal heroine of the film Rabbit – Proof Fence, has died with one regret: she was never reunited with the daughter taken from her 60 years ago. Molly died in her sleep at Jigalong, Western Australia, after going for her afternoon nap on Tuesday. She was believed to be 87.

Is Rabbit-Proof Fence on Netflix?

Watch Rabbit – Proof Fence on Netflix Today!

Where can you see the Rabbit Proof Fence?

The Rabbit Proof Fence No. 2 runs north/south through the eastern third of the Dowerin shire. It was built in 1907-1908 and much of the fence remains in good condition. Mile posts mark the distance from the south coast.

What year was the Rabbit Proof Fence set in?

The events explored in Rabbit-Proof Fence take place in 1931, 26 years after the introduction of the Western Australian Aborigines Act under which all Aboriginal people were made ‘wards of the state’, with the Chief Protector of Aborigines becoming their legal guardian.

Why is Rabbit Proof Fence an important story?

No. 1 Fence was the world’s longest unbroken fence when it was finished in 1907. It stretches for 1,833 kilometres (1,139 miles). Today, the State Barrier Fence prevents emus migrating to agricultural areas as well as wild dogs from attacking livestock.

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What does the eagle represent in Rabbit Proof Fence?

The spirit bird in Rabbit Proof Fence is an eagle. The spirit bird is a symbol of hope for the Aboriginal girls on their arduous trip along the fence

How does Rabbit Proof Fence represent Australia?

Rabbit – Proof Fence depicts Aboriginal life, represented by Molly and her community, very positively. This works against the idea that Aboriginal half-caste children needed to be saved from their own community with state removal being in their interest.

What is the longest fence in the world?

The longest fence in the world can refer to: The Dingo Fence of south-east Australia, 5,614 km (3,488 mi) finished in 1885. The Rabbit-proof fence of Western Australia, 3,253 km (2,021 mi), completed in 1907.

How many babies does a rabbit birth?

Breeding rabbits The length of pregnancy in the rabbit is 31 days and the doe can produce from 1 to 12 young each time she gives birth. She can become pregnant again within a few days of giving birth. However it is not good practice to allow the doe to become pregnant straight after giving birth.

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